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We pay 140% for Real Estate

Use real estate

Use your real estate to get unicoins.

Bitcoin grew 9,000,000% last decade and the crypto rally is expected to continue.

Your properties

8,000% return on your properties?

Use real estate to get unicoins.

Bitcoin grew

Bitcoin grew 9,000,000%

last decade and the crypto rally is expected to continue. Use your real estate to get unicoins.

With the 9,000,000% price growth, Bitcoin was the best investment opportunity of the last decade, and the crypto market is rallying again.

Due to its assets-backed dividend-paying business model, our Unicoin may greatly outperform Bitcoin and other assetless cryptocurrencies. Investors have purchased over $450M worth of unicoins in cash-based deals, and now we offer you an opportunity to acquire unicoins by trading in real estate properties at 140% of their appraisal value.

Publicly Reporting
Assets- Backed
Dividend- Paying

Our Vision

Step Up Investment

Unicoin was created in February of 2022 as the solution to the extreme volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies backed with no assets. Unicoin is backed by equity stakes in emerging growth companies and is expected to pay dividends to its holders.

We plan to release Unicoin on major crypto exchanges in 2023 after developing high brand recognition, global awareness of its benefits, and a strong equity portfolio. Similarly to the Dot-Com Implosion of 2000, the current crypto crisis is expected to replace the market leaders, and, due to its superior business model, Unicoin is well-positioned to lead the future expansion of the crypto market. Review this website for detailed information on the risk factors and our progress to date.

If we succeed in turning Unicoin into a major crypto brand, the value of your unicoins may grow by over 8,000%.

Join the growing community of real estate investors who are using their properties to purchase Unicoin, a next-generation crypto designed to be stable and profitable.

Executive team


Silvina Moschini

Founder, Chairwoman, and President


Alex Konanykhin

Founder and CEO


Andrew Winn

Chief Financial Officer


Peter Smirnov

Chief Information Officer


Richard Devlin

General Counsel


Alex Dominguez

Chief Investor Relations Officer


Maricruz Tabbia

Investor Relations Growth and Experience

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