Be a billionare

You'd be a billionaire at the end of the last decade

if you invested $11K in Bitcoin at the beginning of the decade.

Use real estate

Use your real estate to get unicoins.

Bitcoin grew 9,000,000% last decade and the crypto rally is expected to continue.

Your properties

40,000% return on your properties?

Use real estate to get unicoins.

Bitcoin grew

Bitcoin grew 9,000,000%

last decade and the crypto rally is expected to continue. Use your real estate to get unicoins.

The cryptocurrency market is expected to grow 3,000%. Leverage your properties to purchase Unicoin, a smarter, next‑generation cryptocurrency at 75¢⁠/⁠ú with our unique Buy Now, Pay Later offer.

Why leverage

Advantages of Buy Now, Pay Later

  • Pay over 5 years
  • 5x more unicoins
  • 0% Interest
  • Risk reduced to 20%

Join the growing community of real estate investors who are using their properties to purchase Unicoin, a next-generation crypto designed to be stable and profitable.

Secure five times the value of your collateral to have a chance of benefitting from the ongoing crypto rally.

Secure five times the value of your properties

Let’s do the math.

= 1,000,000unicoins
x $40Unicoin target price
= $40,000,000

Don't miss out on the opportunity to multiply your wealth!

Diversify your portfolio by securing a large block of assets-backed cryptocurrency well-positioned for fast growth during the anticipated crypto rally.

Buy now, pay later

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      How does the program work?

      The Buy Now, Pay Later Program allows you to buy unicoins today at a special price. Furthermore, you have 5 years to complete your payment.

      • - The minimum purchase is $1M ($7,500, if you use cash as collateral).
      • - The collateral must be approved by Unicoin.
      • - You pay only if satisfied with our progress.
      • - Unicoins are released when fully paid.
      • - Installments are paid in cash or crypto.
      • - Be able to buy in volume as to get the best price, at a discounted 75¢/ú price.

      To participate, you must complete the form on the program's website.

      First, you need to complete the form. We will ask you to share with us information regarding the property. For example, the title, a mortgage-free declaration, and/or an appraisal. We present the information to our CEO and if everything is fine, we move forward with completing the agreement.

      If you have not received your agreement countersigned, please send us an email here.

      Certificates will be issued only after all installments have been paid. In the meantime, we will send investors an official acknowledgement once the due diligence is completed.

      For more information, please visit:

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