5 yers to pay

A safer way to profit on crypto

A limited opportunity to buy assets-backed crypto with 5 years to pay for it. No credit risks.

Real estate market

A safer way to profit on crypto

A limited opportunity to buy assets-backed crypto with 5 years to pay for it. No credit risks.

Convert your assets into unicoins

Maximize Gains Minimize Risks

A safer way to invest in crypto

The crypto market is rallying. Bitcoin grew 9,000,000% during the last decade, but asset‑backed Unicoin is well‑positioned to outperform it. For a limited time, you can acquire unicoins with 5 years to pay for them.

Five-year payment plan:

When using cash or crypto as collateral:

  • Pay 20% upfront e.g. $7,500 investment = $1,500 down payment.
  • Down payment can be used as collateral and act as your first installment. So you don’t have to pay anything for another year.
  • The price of your unicoins will be locked in for 5 years.

Minimum purchase: $7,500

When using shares or unicoins as collateral:

  • No cash required upfront.
  • 20% collateral in shares or unicoins is required to secure your purchase e.g. $5000 in shares or unicoins used as collateral will allow you to make a $25000 Unicoin investment today, paid over 5 years.
  • Your first installment will be due after the tokenization of Unicoin.

Minimum purchase of $25,000

Turning Unicoin into a major crypto brand

Unicoin is designed as a dividend-paying, assets-backed cryptocurrency. Launched in February of 2022, Unicoin has received international acclaim, raising in price from 1¢ to 75¢ per coin, with a $40/ú target. Please examine our progress and the risk factors before you decide if you’d like to bet on our success.

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Bitcoin was created by an anonymous person to provide anonymity in financial transactions. In the maturing crypto market, the leaders are likely to be cryptocurrencies designed for profitability, like Unicoin with its assets-backed, dividend-paying, audited, and publicly-reporting business model. We plan to list Unicoin on crypto exchanges in 2024 after turning it into a strong crypto brand and creating sufficient market demand for Unicoin to ensure its high pricing.

More than half a billion dollars worth of unicoins sold

Through this offering, we are building a large portfolio of account receivables which would be one of the ingredients of the Unicoin value. The larger our portfolio, the more ingredients we have available to support the value of Unicoin.

Buy now, pay later

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Due at signing: $1,500

$1,500 installments after 2, 3, 4, and 5 years.

Important terms



Like a security deposit, this guarantees your purchase. You will only lose your collateral if you stop making payments to Unicoin before your full purchase is complete.



Our 5-year program splits your full investment into smaller, manageable payments called installments. Installments are to be paid one per year. One installment is equal to 20% of the total purchase price.



If you miss or stop making payments, it's considered a default. If this happens, Unicoin will keep the collateral and the agreement will end.

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