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“Unicoin is really opening the world of startup investments to the masses.”

Steve Wozniak Apple Co-founder

Chris Carter with Unicoin

Looking for the most stable deal in crypto?

Our target valuation is $40/ú. This can net you a 20,000% ROI.

Silvina Moschini with Unicoin

An offer so good it's for a limited time only.

Reserve unicoins at the purchase price of $0.75 per coin.

The crypto market is expected to grow by over 3,000%. Today, you have the option to reserve the $0.75 price on unicoins for a period of ten years. If we reach our target valuation of $40/ú, your returns will be about 8,000%

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10-year Option:

  • Deposit any amount between $1,500 and $2,500,000.
  • You will have the right to convert this amount into unicoins at 75¢/ú any time during ten years.
  • You may withdraw your deposit at any time after 12 months.
  • Bitcoin was the best investment opportunity of the last decade, with a 9,000,000% (nine million percent) return.
  • This offer is limited to 5% of the future funding Unicoin has secured via its Buy Now, Pay Later program.

More than half a billion dollars worth of unicoins sold

Through this offering, we are building a large portfolio of account receivables which would be one of the ingredients of the Unicoin value. The larger our portfolio, the more ingredients we have available to support the value of Unicoin.
Unicoin is cryptocurrency 2.0

Transparent.Assets-backed. Audited.SEC-compliant.

Unicoin is a publicly-reporting company with its audited reports accessible on the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Unicoin is backed by an extensive portfolio of assets.

Turning Unicoin into a major crypto brand

Unicoin is designed as a dividend-paying, assets-backed cryptocurrency. Launched in February of 2022, Unicoin has received international acclaim, raising in price from 1¢ to 75¢ per coin, with a $40/ú target. Please examine our progress and the risk factors before you decide if you’d like to bet on our success.

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Limited-time opportunity





Option to buy


Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find your answer?

No other cryptocurrency offers such options; how come Unicoin offers it?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, we have a large volume of future funding as the result of our Buy Now, Pay Later offer, and the Option is just a tactical tool for us to shift up to 5% of that funding to the present, to accelerate our preparation for listing Unicoin on crypto exchanges.

1.34ú per each dollar of your deposit, on deposits over $1,500.

At any time after 12 months.

Certainly. All Options which will end up converted are extra sales of unicoins at a $12,5B valuation. Before the conversion, the deposits represent interest-free funding for 5 years.

We expect that in the ongoing upswing of the crypto market, the assets-backed, compliant, audited, and publicly-reporting Unicoin will grow much faster than assetless and opaque cryptocurrencies.

Nobody can guarantee success but you have the right to withdraw your deposit after one year, if you don't see sufficient growth.

We will end it once we reach $10M in total resulting deposits, which may occur any day.

You can apply using the form above.

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