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Unicoin is the official cryptocurrency of Unicorn Hunters

The mission of Unicorn Hunters is to democratize access to wealth. We connect entrepreneurs with millions of investors and give people the opportunity to invest in companies in the pre-IPO stage.

Unicoin Democratizes Access to Crypto Investment Opportunities

Backed by a portfolio of equity stakes in the companies that are part of Unicorn Hunters, Unicoin is a more stable alternative for people who want to invest in crypto without the extreme volatility of early coins.

We believe that:

Every person in the world should have access to pre‑IPO investment opportunities and knowledge to make wise investment decisions.
The current financial system does not provide access for everyone and needs to be democratized.
The cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, ripe for innovation.
A less volatile, asset‑backed crypto coin with a purpose will be the game changer.
Become a beneficiary

Invest in Unicoin to back selected Unicorn Hunters startups and a portfolio of other winning assets

Executive team

Alex Konanykhin

Founder & CEO

Andrew Winn

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Smirnov

Chief Information Officer

Richard Devlin

General Counsel

Alex Dominguez

Chief Investment Officer

Mariano Dall'Orso

Chief Operations Officer

Maricruz Tabbia

VP, Investor´s Experience

Gisela Morelli

Sr. Director of Operations

Cynthia Acosta

Director of Sales

Our global ambassadors

Meet the team of legends coming together to democratize access to wealth by partnering with Unicoin and Unicorn Hunters.

Cris Carter

Cris Carter

United States, EN
Juan Pablo and
Sebastian Montoya

Juan Pablo and Sebastian Montoya

Spain, ES
Mitch Richmond

Mitch Richmond

United States, EN
Rod Woodson

Rod Woodson

United States, EN
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