Limited opportunity

Time-limited 90% DISCOUNT

for Unicoin investors.

In preparation for the listing of Unicoin on crypto exchanges, our Board of Directors granted unicoin investors the right to purchase unicoins at 5¢⁠/⁠ú, at a 90% discount on its current price, up to the number of coins they already own.

Limited time

This Ship Has Sailed...

This Offer ended on August 7th, 2023

Consider instead our Buy Now, Pay Later offer, with five years to pay for your purchase of unicoins.

Do you want to know how the program works?

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply complete the short application form above. Once you receive the Purchase Agreement via PandaDoc e-signature service, fill it out and digitally sign. Afterward, kindly provide us with the proof of payment so that our Investor Relations team would send you the ownership certificate.

Unicoin is the official cryptocurrency of Unicorn Hunters

The most iconic business series of recent times

Forbes logotype

Unicoin has been presented at major events around the world

  • Rosie Rios - Global Investment Conference

    Keynote Presentation at Global Investment Conference

  • Unicoin Keynote Speech

    Future Innovation Summit Dubai

  • Must Mitigate Volatility

    European Blockchain Convention

  • Experience Miami

    Family Office Experience Miami

  • Silvina Moschini at Eclipse 2022

    Eclipse IP Futures Conference

  • Rosie Rios - FOE Dubai 2022

    Panel remarks at the Family Office Experience in Dubai

  • Rosie Rios - World Blockchain Summit

    Keynote at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

  • Rosie Rios - Keynote Panel Session

    Panel remarks at the 18th Global Ritossa Family Office Summit in Riyadh

  • Rosie rios - Shout out Keynote

    Keynote presentation at the Future Innovation Summit in Dubai

  • Rosie rios - Forbes, Dubai 2022 Unicoin

    Remarks from the Future Innovation Summit in Dubai

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