Pay via wire transfer, check or crypto

Pay via wire transfer, check or crypto

wire transfers
Wire transfer

Savings Account

# 6796571577 of TransparentBusiness, Inc.


USCC CITISWEEP, 100 Citibank DR, San Antonio, TX 78245


CITIUS33 or if 11 digits required CITIUS33XXX

Citibank ABA//Routing Number

# 021000089

for domestic and international wires

by Check

We only accept checks drawn on U.S. banks. You can mail your check to:

TransparentBusiness, Inc., 228 Park Avenue South, #16065, New York, NY, 10003


Invest with bitcoins or other cryptocurrency

IMPORTANT: We are using only the official Coinbase сorporate account to accept crypto payments, please do not send your investments to any static Crypto Wallets you can find on the web.

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