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Next-Generation Investment Platform & Community Designed by and for Women

Cryptocurrencies are succeeding where traditional financial markets failed: giving women the opportunity to invest, build wealth and take control of their financial future. That is why we have co‑built Unicoin Women partnering with an innovative ecosystem of women communities.

  • Are you a member of a partner community? Join now and reserve your unicoins at a discounted price of 50¢⁠/⁠ú through our limited-time 10-year option.

  • Apply to Unicoin Women and get a free membership for one year. A gift worth $1,200.

  • Backed by equity in emerging growth companies, stocks and real estate, Unicoin is a public reporting company.

  • Grow Wealth
  • Learn about Crypto
  • Join in Community
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Step up your investment Game with Unicoin

Step Up Investment

43% of women in Latin America prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies as a second asset-class after cash, according to Gemini’s State of Crypto Report. This is why we launched Unicoin: a testament to the power and potential of cryptocurrency as an instrumental solution to address the gender economic development gap.

In less than a year we have hit $450 million in Unicoin sales, and continue in our journey to become the leading next-generation crypto brand.

By joining Unicoin Women, you will be able to invest in Unicoin, the equity-backed innovation investment fund with equity positions in high-growth potential startups that are part of Unicorn Hunters’ ecosystem and a diversified portfolio of assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks in publicly-traded companies, and premium real estate, among others.

Build Wealth with Unicoin Women

Join the Community of Women ready to redefine the concepts of Money, Power, and Crypto

  • Start investing at $500
  • Purchase unicoins at a special price of 50 ¢⁠/⁠ú instead of the current 75 ¢⁠/⁠ú through our exclusive 10-year option program
  • Access exclusive investment opportunities
  • Learn with Masterclasses and Workshops with industry leaders
  • Online Educational content
  • Expert mentorship
  • Learning opportunities
  • Premier networking events

Are you an active member of our partner communities? Buy unicoins NOW and access a FREE one-year membership to Unicoin Women community.

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Limited-time opportunity

Are you part of any of our partner communities? Reserve the 10-year right to convert your deposit in unicoins at 50¢/ú

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Limited time

This Ship Has Sailed...

This Offer ended on September 1, 2023

Consider instead our Buy Now, Pay Later offer, with five years to pay for your purchase of unicoins.

Do you want to know how the program works?

Unicoin democratizes access to crypto investment opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the program work?
  • Deposit any amount between $500 and $2,500,000
  • You will have the right to convert this amount into unicoins at 50¢⁠/⁠ú any time during ten years.
  • You may withdraw your deposit at any time after 12 months.

For being part of the community you will have access to:

  • Access to exclusive investment opportunities
  • Learn with Masterclasses and Workshops with industry leaders
  • Online Educational content
  • Expert mentorship
  • Learning opportunities
  • Premier networking events

The annual fee costs $1,200. However, invest in Unicoin Women and you will get a free membership for one year.

Unicoin is a next-generation security token designed for profitability and stability. It was created to address the extreme volatility of early coins. – It is equity-backed – It is designed to pay dividends to its shareholders.

The decision is entirely up to you. You will have to use your best judgment about Unicoin potential to grow in value. Imagine that ten years ago, you deposited $13,500 and got the Option to purchase a thousand bitcoins at $13.50, the then-current price.

When would you convert and cash out?

At $27/bitcoin, simply doubling your money?

Or at $70,000/bitcoin last year, making a $70M profit?

Or at $17,000/bitcoin this month?

Nobody knows for sure when the price will max out, so the exit decisions are based on investors' expectations.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, we have a large volume of future funding as the result of our Buy Now, Pay Later offer, and the Option is just a tactical tool for us to shift up to 5% of that funding to the present, to accelerate our preparation for listing Unicoin on crypto exchanges.

At any time after 12 months.

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