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A Year to Build Wealth

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New Year, New Goals

Give 100 free unicoins

The first step to building a better crypto portfolio

Unicoin is a different kind of crypto.It is backed by assets and designed to pay dividends.

Send 100ú as your gift.

Program ended onDec 31, 2022
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Limited-Time Offer

We believe crypto is the future and we are building the greatest crypto community in the world.

We’d like to invite you to earn a whole lot more unicoins as a Unicoin Ambassador: an incredible opportunity to grow your wealth!

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The best Gift Ever


No-cost. No strings attached. No brainer.

A valuable gift

A valuable gift with the potential to reach a value of $4,000.

A unique opportunity

A unique opportunity to share the assets-backed value of Unicoin.

No limits

No limits. Gift unicoins to everyone on your list.

Cryptocurrencies arethe future of digital money

We are working on making Unicoin a major crypto brand, leveraging its advantage as an assets-backed cryptocurrency designed to pay dividends.

Unicoin is the official cryptocurrency of Unicorn Hunters

The most iconic business series of recent times

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Unicoin is expected to launch on crypto exchanges in 2024

Unicoin has a target valuation of $40 per coin. You and your community have the opportunity to build wealth and get into the crypto market with a smarter coin that is asset-backed and designed to be dividend paying.


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