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Make your money work overtime

Earn 20% per year on our High-Yield Notes

Outrun inflation

Unicoin High-Yield Notes pay interest above the inflation rate and significantly outperform the market average.

You work hard for your money, make your money work harder for you.

Earn 20% interest on your deposit – 4 times the market average.

1. As of October 10th, 2022, national rates for Treasury Yields and Savings Accounts are calculated within an annual percentage yield. This information is based upon the rates published by Bloomberg and FDIC. 2. Unicoin Notes do not constitute a savings, deposit or other bank account and are not insured by or subject to the protection of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Coin in casket

A superior high-yield investment

Unicoin is a next-generation crypto that is equity-backed and designed for stability and profitability.

Unicoin is the official cryptocurrency of Unicorn Hunters

The most iconic business series of recent times

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Steave Wozniak about unicoin

Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-founder

Unicoin is “really opening up the world of startup investments to the masses.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot transfer your existing TransparentBusiness or Unicoin certificates/shares into the Notes.

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