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Maximize your profits

Are you a real estate investor seeking to maximize your property returns?

We have the perfect opportunity for you.

The 140% for Real Estate Program empowers you to capitalize on the booming crypto market and seize unprecedented opportunities that can exponentially grow your income.


Introducing Unicoin for real estate

Maximize your property’s

Maximize your property’s value

Swap land or buildings for 140% of their appraisal value for unicoins and reap significant rewards from the get go.

Invest in a growing market

Invest in a growing market without spending cash

Shift your underperforming real estate assets to a fast growing market for an exciting opportunity to get liquid fast.

Get in early for up to 80x ROI

Get in early for up to 80x ROI

Invest in the next multi-million dollar cryptocurrency as unicoins reach a potential value of $40/ú.

Programa 140 em números

  • US$ 1B

    Nossa meta

  • US$ 1.3B

    Em fluxo de negócios

  • $600M

    Valor dos acordos em processo

  • Exemplos de imóveis em avaliação



    Cancun Lagoon

    Lagoa Cancún

    Map markerMéxico





    Map markerColômbia



    Thai Villa

    Vila Thai

    Map markerTailândia





    Map markerEUA

    Why Swap Real Estate for Crypto?

    The real estate market has registered its first year-over-year home price decline in 10 years. In contrast to the recent downturns in the stock and housing markets, the crypto market is experiencing a resurgence. The rally is expected to continue, and the crypto market value to triple by 2030.

    How are you planning to take advantage of this environment?

    Why Swap

    More Benefits for You

    Faster Returns

    Faster Returns

    Don’t wait for 10 years to fulfill expectations: Profit more, and earlier.

    Avoid Negative

    Avoid Negative Cash Flows

    Get Rid of Underperforming Real Estate Assets turning around chronic losses to profits.

    Transition Rental

    Transition Rental Properties income to Crypto Dividends

    Rental income almost never changes. On the other hand, crypto dividends have no limit.

    Diversify portfolio

    Diversify your portfolio

    Investing in real estate and cryptocurrency is the perfect balance between short and long-term returns.

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