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IMPORTANT — Read carefully

Submission of a transfer request does not constitute a completed transfer. Transfers are private transactions between the individuals involved. Unicoin is not responsible for any transactions that take place between investors, including any losses or damages incurred as a result of such transactions, and Unicoin is not a party to any such transactions.

Irrevocable transfer request form

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned does/do hereby sell, assign, and transfer to:

Rights to receive,


Represented by certificate, number(s)

inclusive, standing in the name of the undersigned on the books of TransparentBusiness, Inc. (or its affiliates). The undersigned does/do hereby irrevocably constitute and appoint Andrew Winn attorney to transfer the said stock(s) on the books of said company, with full power of substitution in the premises. IMPORTANT — Read Carefully

For holders of rights to receive Unicoins, TransparentBusiness has elected to waive the blanket restriction on transfers. If you need to sell your Unicoin rights, or would like to transfer them as a gift or to an entity for your financial planning purposes, we will generally permit such transfers, provided that we are comfortable that the transfer is legally permissible.

Please note that Unicoin is not a broker and does not facilitate the trading of unicoins. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller to ensure that they are able to complete their transaction before submitting a request to transfer.

Unicoin Rights — Transfer Request

  • Who can transfer?

    If you are a non-US person and purchased from us, we will permit personal transfers to your friends and family or other personal contacts, or entities or trusts controlled by you, provided they are also non-US persons. The rights cannot be transferred into the US or to a US Person (as defined by the SEC) for one year from the date of your purchase. If you are residing in the US or are otherwise a US Person (as defined by the SEC), we may permit personal transfers to your friends and family or other personal contacts, or entities or trusts controlled by you, provided the transaction is completely private, in our discretion. Regardless of where you reside, you may not advertise your Unicoin rights for sale, or engage in any general solicitation seeking purchasers. We will not permit a transfer if this activity has taken place. For US holders, we reserve the right to require an opinion of your counsel stating that the transfer is permissible.

  • How do I transfer?

    First, you will need to identify a transferee or purchaser for your Unicoin rights. We are not a broker, and we cannot broker any sales transactions for you or be involved in your transaction. Should you identify a purchaser or recipient for your Unicoin rights, please complete the Transfer Request form on this page to request a transfer. For compliance purposes, we also require that you provide us with a copy of a government-issued photo ID of your transferee (or identifying entity documents if the transferee is an entity). If we believe the transfer is legally permissible, based on your country of domicile and holding period, we will process the transfer. Your transferee will then receive a certificate representing the transferred Unicoin rights. Your Unicoin rights will be reduced in our registry to reflect the transfer.

Do you have any questions?

Should you have any questions regarding transfers, please contact Investor Relations at ir@unicoin.com

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