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Introducing Unicoin for real estate

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Boost your profits with generous commissions

Bring in real estate transactions and enjoy a 10% commission in unicoins.

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Invest in crypto without spending cash

Maximize your crypto earnings and reap significant rewards with our dividend-paying business model.

See 80x potential gains as unicoins soar

See 80x potential gains as unicoins soar in value

Invest in the next multi-million dollar cryptocurrency as unicoins reach a potential value of $40/ú.

Programa 140 en números

  • US$ 1B

    Nuestro fondo meta

  • US$ 1.3B

    En flujo de negocios

  • $600M

    Valor de los acuerdos en proceso

  • Ejemplos de propiedades bajo evaluación



    Cancun Lagoon

    Cancun Lagoon

    Map markerMéxico





    Map markerColombia



    Thai Villa

    Thai Villa

    Map markerThailand





    Map markerEUA

    Why Swap Real Estate for Crypto?

    The real estate market has registered its first year-over-year home price decline in 10 years. In contrast to the recent downturns in the stock and housing markets, the crypto market is experiencing a resurgence. The rally is expected to continue, and the crypto market value to triple by 2030.

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