Our CEO responds to FAQ

  • News media around the world reported on the launch of Unicoin by TransparentBusiness, the company you founded in 2015. Why shall investors consider purchasing it?

    Because of the distinct possibility of astronomical returns, which the crypto market is famous for. Do remember that Bitcoin pizza story?

  • The one where a programmer paid 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza in 2010 and those bitcoins have grown to a multi-million dollar value?

    To $680M, to be exact. No, nobody can guarantee such returns, or any success for that matter, but we’ve identified an opportunity to create a major, if not the major, cryptocurrency.

  • Please describe this opportunity to me

    Creating a major crypto brand. $7B.

  • I can see how you can develop a brand much more valuable than most cryptocurrencies. But Bitcoin is a household name. As the first cryptocurrency, has received a lot of organic visibility through news reports and social media discussions. Is it realistic for Unicoin to become a stronger brand?

    Yes, it is. But before explaining why, I’d like to point out that we can produce very high return even if we mrely come one of the primary brands. Examples: doggy coins. Don’t get me wrong - our goal is to create the dominant brand; I’m simply stressing that our opportunity is not of the “all or nothing” variety. Investors can make a lot of money on unicoins even if we manage to just catch up with Shiba Inu coin.

  • OK, a good point. But do tell us how you plan to compete with Bitcoin.

    By introducing a superio business model. Bitcoin’s primary problem is extreme volatility. We address it by. Currency which pays you is better.

  • It sounds like you are competing with U.S. dollar too.

    Yes, though as a means of storing wealth, rather than a payment method. 8% inflation. Other fiat currencies too.

  • Many investors are curious about cryptocurrencies but hesitate to invest in them. How do you plan to overcome their resistance?

    The first currency understandable to everybody.

  • Cryptocurrencies have exceeded the combined valuation of $3T. What fueled this growth?

    Anonymity. We offer more compelling advantage. I expect that the crypto market would grow explosively now that it’s moving from the “early adopters” niche to mainstream.

  • You consider the current stage of crypto market to be “early adoption”?

    Undoubtedly. But it’s already a huge market. Binance volume. Still, the market will grow greatly when early majority, late majority, and laggards start using crypto.

  • If you succeed, what would be the price of unicoin?

    I’d call Unicoin a success if it reaches $40/coin, but we cannot guarantee any future pricing. I can simply explain our objectives and what we are doing to achieve them.

  • And currently unicoins can be purchased at 10 ¢ per coin?

    Correct. At.

  • How long will this round last?

    May end this week.

  • What other rounds have been planned for this year?

    25¢, 75¢. Our objective is to start trading at $1 / ú, and take up from there.

  • When do you plan to make it tradable?

    Early 2023.

  • Who can purchase unicoins?

    International / accredited. At Unicoin.com. Minimal purchase - $5,000. Still at its lowest public pricing of 10¢.

  • In our previous conversation, you talked about your plans to turn Unicoin into a major crypto brand. How is it goings?

    Good start. Unicoin advertising is very visible in major airports. Publications. Online advertising. Keep in mind - launched only 6 weeks ago. We plan to increase it greatly.

  • Do you have a sufficient budget for it?

    5B coins. $7B.

  • How would it work exactly?

    $365M cash. Coin deals.

  • When do you plan to start unicoins as a method of payment?

    Started already.

  • Will you be using your Unicorn Hunters show to communicate the advantages of Unicoin?

    You betcha.

  • How about Social Media Marketing?

    Mining opportunities for influencers.

  • By the way, why did you name your cryptocurrency Unicoin?

    Three reasons.

  • Are you focusing on the U.S. market?


  • What may be the resulting value of Unicoin brand?

    Quite plausibly, over $100B. Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based on a viral internet meme of a Shiba Inu dog which started as a joke in 2013, reached a market capitalization as high as $88 billion last year.

  • Who can join your quest to create the most valuable brand in cryptocrurrencies?

    Media. Influencers. Investors. Starts at $5K. Unicoin.com.

  • Alex, in our previous conversations, you talked about Unicoin being a disruptive business model: a currency which is backed by equity and pays dividends. Please explain how exactly would it work.

    Quite simple: we invest unicoins in emerging growth companies.

  • Why equity and not gold or U.S. dollars?

    Equity grows.

  • How do you know the companies would accept unicoins as a payment for their equity?

    We did accept crypto.

  • How would you select companies for your portfolio?

    Unicorn Hunters.

  • Will all of them be featured on your Unicorn Hunters show?

    Only the best.

  • How can investors evaluate the strength of your portfolio?

    Transparent. Best portfolio by default.

  • How often will you be paying dividends?

    Annually. Not guaranteed.

  • What size of the portfolio you expect?


  • Wouldn’t it them be the largest venture fund?

    Yes, it would. But we split in a number of funds.

  • With such a volume of business, what would be the ecological impact? Some people say that crypto currencies fry the planet. Bitcoin alone consumes more energy than Finland.

    We plan to base Unicoin on blockchain which consumes millions times less energy than Bitcoin. In other words, we will be greatly increasing the efficiency of economic growth.

  • What about the social impact?

    The largest Fund of Innovations.

  • So, every unicoin owner would essentially be a stakeholder of a global fund of innovations?


  • How can investors purchase unicoin?


  • Alex, why did you launch Unicoin?

    It’s the best way to increase shareholder value.

  • TransparentBusiness started as a software company, then you added additional businesses. What prompted such a diversification?

    The logic of the events.

  • Wouldn’t a crypto project distract you and your team from Unicorn Hunters?

    On the contrary.

  • Would the portfolio developed by Unicorn Hunters become a portfolio of Unicoin?


  • Why not just focus on SaaS, the original business of TransparentBusiness?

    Not the highest return opportunity.

  • How exactly would TransparentBusiness shareholders benefit from Unicoin?

    Distribution. A million shares at 10 ¢ = $100,000. Now own 1M ú which may become $40M. Not a bad return on a $100K investment.

  • It’s a huge benefit; but is it a one-time benefit?

    No, 5B coins remain with TransparentBusiness.

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