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UNICOIN is the official cryptocurrency of UNICORN HUNTERS

The most iconic business series of recent times

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The 43rd Treasurer of the United States Backs Unicoin

Rosie Rios’ signature appears on a record $1.7 trillion in circulation worldwide.

  • Rosie Rios - Global Investment Conference

    Keynote Presentation at Global Investment Conference

  • Rosie Rios - FOE Dubai 2022

    Panel remarks at the Family Office Experience in Dubai

  • Rosie Rios - World Blockchain Summit

    Keynote at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

  • Rosie Rios - Keynote Panel Session

    Panel remarks at the 18th Global Ritossa Family Office Summit in Riyadh

  • Rosie rios - Shout out Keynote

    Keynote presentation at the Future Innovation Summit in Dubai

  • Rosie rios - Forbes, Dubai 2022 Unicoin

    Remarks from the Future Innovation Summit in Dubai

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